Attend Live Investment Training Classes in Austin Texas or via Webex

Investor’s Training School (I.T.S.) was created to bring professional trading tools to the general public. I.T.S. was founded by David Disraeli, a former broker and investment adviser for 20 years and creator of several proprietary financial analysis tools. Investors Training School provides interested investors with the tools and education to increase profits and decrease losses, regardless of what they prefer to trade.  Today’s investors do not need to pay for investment advice.  They simply need the right resources, tools, techniques and the discipline to carry out their objectives. The techniques provided by the Investor’s Training School  have been tested over a 20+ years. I.T.S. now offers these proprietary techniques to consumers by way of classroom courses and over the Internet. Studying strategies through I.T.S. enables individuals to make sound investment decisions and maximize profits.  We are so confident you find value in our courses, each one comes with a 100%, no questions asked, money back guarantee.

The School

I.T.S. will offer classes for beginners to highly experienced traders.  Courses will include beginner through advanced level classes for mutual funds, stocks, exchange traded funds (ETF’s) and options.  The foundation of I.T.S. and each class is technical analysis or charting.  Anything that is traded, from mutual funds, currencies, stocks to futures have a trading history.  In its simplest form, a chart is a graphical representation of an item’s PAST behavior.  A chart cannot predict the future, but it does provide valuable insight.  For example, a person would not board a bus going the wrong direction or stay on it very long if they did.

What I.T.S. is NOT

I.T.S. is not a black box trading system and was not designed as a day trading system.  I.T.S. provides the means for better decision making and a mechanism to analyze thousands of stocks or other investments with the click of a mouse to identify candidates that meet specific requirements. I.T.S. methods are unique in that they do not require an investor to abandon their own style.  Rather by adding rules and discipline almost any strategy can be improved to provide greater profits.  In a similar way, all NFL quarterbacks have a unique style and set of strengths, however a trained observer can offer tweaks to improve the quarterback’s decision making and technique, in theory forever (or until his physical condition declines).

I.T.S.’s tools and techniques will benefit a busy professional with a limited amount of time to spend on investing or a full time investor.  The tools can be used every day or once per quarter.