Here are a few recent examples of client engagements for David Disraeli of 360NetWorth, Inc.

The Client wants General Retirement Planning and Ends up Discovering his Will was Invalid.  

David Disraeli was contacted by an old client about preparing for retirement.  He was asked to bring his will as is our common practice.  It was discovered that the will was given to him at a seminar, was completed, signed, and notarized but not witnessed – therefore invalid in Texas.  Problem solved.  The client also wanted a new Transfer on Death Deed to avoid probate and his or his spouse’s death.

Client Overwhelmed With Probate

David Disraeli met a real estate broker at a meetup.  In the course of a general conversation, the client mentioned that he was the executor of his father’s estate and it was causing him great stress and mentioned it had been going on for over a year.   He said he was more confused after meeting with his attorneys than before.  The firm was retained to guide the client through the probate process by interfacing with his attorneys and explaining everything in plain English.  100’s of pages of documents were reviewed including wills, entity documents, corporate resolutions, and tax returns.  We conferenced with the attorney who explained the status of everything and the client had peace of mind.

Client Unaware of Exposure from owning commercial property forms LLC to protect himself and his wife from Liability

During a casual conversation with an estate planning client, it was revealed that his building was owned personally as he distributed it out of his corporation.  David Disraeli explained that should any claim arise out of the ownership of the building, its tenants, customers, repairpersons, etc. he and his wife could be personally exposed.  Further, the client wanted his wife to benefit from the income derived from the building but wanted the property to go to his children from a prior marriage after her death.  More

A couple in their late 40s had no estate plan and minor children.  

David Disraeli met a couple socially and discovered that they had no estate plan, considerable assets, and minor children.  In Texas, everyone has a will, either the one they created and is determined to be valid or the one the state provides.  This arrangement poses a significant problem because minors cannot own property, the state must appoint a trustee and monitor the assets until the child reaches the age of majority.  More

A young professional couple wants asset protection for multiple and future properties.

A couple was referred to David Disraeli who was concerned about the liability associated with owning rental property.  A Texas Series LLC was recommended because it allows each property to be kept separate from the others for liability purposes.  An Austin attorney was engaged to help create the master LLC and the series underneath it, prepare deeds to move each property into a series, and instruct the clients on how to manage the entity going forward.

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