Client Testimonials


June 15, 2016

I met David Disraeli through a mutual friend. I was referred because David is an expert in estate planning and I am not. He also handles alternative investments which help offset the risk of owning stocks. I could not be more pleased with the relationship and I would highly recommend him to others.

Tom C. Round Rock

June 14, 2016

Al J.David was very helpful in developing wills and Power of Attorney documents for my wife and me. We feel very confident that our family will have everything they need to fulfill our final request. Thanks, David for all your help.

I have known David for over 5 years now and he has always exemplified quality professionalism and great depth of knowledge in the financial markets. He has extensive experience with investment management, asset allocation, financial and retirement planning, as well as estate planning. Moreover, he is highly ethical and a valued trusted advisor.

Greg M.David was contracted to update my parents’ will and estate planning. Everyone concerned was pleased with the final product, and I believe the analysis was thorough. There were a number of areas we might have overlooked had we not consulted with him.


Thank you David for the heads up on how to buy the least expensive term insurance.  It came back cheaper than you expected!

Skip F. 


Mr. Disraeli, who owns the site, completely changed my thinking about 401k plans and tax-deferred investing. I never really thought about the fact that tax rates could be, and probably will be much higher when I go to withdraw money from these accounts. Now have started a pool of tax-free cash I can draw upon regardless of what tax rates do.


I have used David Disraeli to update my estate plan.  He was thorough and highly knowledgeable.  He explained things well and caused me to think about issues that were important but never crossed my mind.  If it were not for David I may still not have an estate plan.

Laura C. Lewisville, TX


  • I am 23 years old and just inherited a fair amount of money. My dad suggested that I sit down with Mr. Disraeli and learn about investing instead of just asking him to handle the money. Now I have a very solid understanding of my investment options and things to think about for the future. Thank you, David  
  • 6/2011

    My husband and I have used David for years.  He is a true professional and is always patient.  We have used him for retirement planning and insurance.

Merna D.Austin, TX

As a parent of four college-bound kids, my wife and I had no idea how we were going to pay for their education. Fortunately, a friend recommended that I attend one of Mr. Disraeli’s workshops. Afterward, we sat down with him and he explained the ins and outs of the financial aid process, including how to estimate how much aid we would qualify for. One thing that really surprised us was discovering that our rental house would cost us aid dollars. At least now, thanks to David, we know what we’re facing and can plan accordingly.

Fred W. Cedar Park, TX


David let me know exactly what to expect if our loved one dies and what documents we will need to make things much easier afterward.  His advice really gave me peace of mind.

Ruth S. Highland Village TX