How to Disinherit Family

Imagine receiving this letter: RE Policy number AN20067 April 10, 2019 Dear Mrs. Wilson, We have received your death claim for the above-referenced policy issued on 12/1/2001 in the amount of $1,000,000. Please accept our deepest condolences for your loss. We regret to inform you that this policy lapsed on June 1, 2018, due to […]

Estate Planning is For the Living

When people hear the term “estate planning” they think of wills/trusts and mortality. While it is true that estate planning provides instructions about the distribution of assets at death, it is much more. Think about it this way: an estate is not just the assets of a deceased person but also the assets of a […]

Stretch IRA’s May be Gone Forever

One of the greatest tax and estate planning tools ever allowed by Congress may be gone forever. The “SECURE ACT” passed the house on May 23rd by a vote of 417-3 and is expected to pass the Senate. This new act was largely designed to make 401k and other retirement plans more accessible to small […]

What is a Checkbook IRA?

The term Checkbook IRA which has become a very popular tool refers to an LLC created by an IRA for investing purposes. This relatively new concept has grown out of investors’ desire to self-direct their IRA assets from traditional brokerage or bank accounts into hard assets like real estate, metals – even an operating business.  […]