David was very helpful in developing wills, a trust, and Power of Attorney documents for my wife and I. We feel very confident that our family will have everything they need to fulfill our final request. Thanks David for all your help. John T. Cedar Park


Financial and Estate Planning, Asset Protection, Texas Series LLC Formation, Insurance, Alternative Investments

Estate Planning

Estate planning involves the management and distribution of assets during life, disability, and death.  We design complete estate plans which include living trusts, anonymous trusts, guardianship appointments, wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and special needs trusts.  We provide extensive consultations and notary/filing services.

Alternative Investments

360NetWorth,  Inc. offers investment products that provide an alternative to traditional, stock and bond asset classes.  We have options which offer competitive returns that perform independently of the financial markets.  Examples include precious metals, investment-oriented insurance, private secured notes, cash flow-oriented real estate, and more

Business Consulting

Whether you are starting from scratch or have a multi-generational business, we can help.     Our firm has extensive experience in succession planning, entity selection and formation, corporate or LLC governance and compliance, tax management, capital formation, and securities regulation compliance.  We file state franchise returns and provide financial forecasting.

Retirement Planning

Retirement is normally a client’s most important goal.  Everyone wants to be able to retire and no one wants to outlive their money.  We start with an analysis of goals and resources, then conduct extensive fact-finding We will present various scenarios and recommendations.  Our specialty is finding ways to avoid future tax increases’ effect on your future.

Our Clients Say

Here is a small sample of what our clients say

4.9 Over 64 Reviews
I reached out to David for somewhat of a unique situation and while he couldn't help me directly, he went out of his way to connect me with someone who could. Not just a referral either, he made personal introductions and followed up afterwards. You just don't see that level of care in the financial industry these days so I was really grateful (thank you). Plus, he's a wealth of knowledge. Definitely the kind of guy you want in your circle.
David was quick and very efficient in preparing my father's will, along with other documents. Great communication and understanding definitely gave my dad peace of mind. Highly recommend.
Very knowledgeable and helpful with our journey. He went above and beyond as our advisor will definitely be using again and highly recommended individual!
Mr. Disraeli spent much time reviewing our finances and provided great professional advice and experience. Very thorough and genuinely shows interest in improving and preserving your financial status.
Mr. David Disraeli was so friendly and knowledgeable about the many questions we had on wills and financial advice. His professional and work ethic was so refreshing. Highly recommend Mr. Disraeli
Mr. Disraeli services were very professional and very informative. He took time to explain the process of making a will and the different additional documents. He was patient and answered all my questions.
He was proactive and contacted me to make sure I reviewed all the documents before our appointment.
He accommodated my schedule and was willing to meet me outside his office due to the distance I had to travel. During our appointment I had questions concerning other financial matters and he was willing to hear my concerns and advice me on the next steps. He is very knowledgeable and gave me peace of mind concerning my situation. He is very friendly and a blessing to have met him.
I definitely recommend him for financial planning and trusts.

Why Choose Us

We can be trusted, we are focused on you, we strive for 100% client satisfaction

We are responsible

When you engage and financial or other professional, you want the person you are dealing with to take responsibility for your engagement and see it through to completion.  Often our clients will stall when in the middle of a process due to time constraints or other issues.  We see it as our job to persist whether that means walking someone into a bank to notarize their will or making sure documents that are needed for analysis are collected.    If something does not get done it won’t be because we dropped the ball.

99% of our clients are satisfied

Our client satisfaction is one of the industry’s highest due to the level of service we provide, our pricing and the complete objectivity of our counsel.

We have reasonable prices

Our rates are reasonable and affordable.  In most cases, our fees are project-based and not hourly.  We find that consumers are not pleased with providers who nickel and dime them.  Instead, we provide 100% transparency into how much is charged, when it is charged and precisely what can be expected in terms of deliverables.